DevoTalk: Unified customer experience at Sitecore (ServiceNow)

By Casper Grewal, Sales Director, Devoteam Technology Consulting, Artem Fursenko & John Hand, Sitecore, Thursday, 19 November. 

Join in on this DevoTalk and meet Artem and John from Sitecore. They will share their interesting story on how they have transformed Sitecore’s customer service through CSM from ServiceNow, and will share their experiences around this project, both challenges and successes.Artem is the Director for Process and Automation for Cloud Platform Engineering, leading level three operations focused on process and automation for Sitecore’s Managed Cloud offering as well as Sitecore’s other services. John is the Product Manager for Sitecore’s Frontend Services, which includes the implementation of ServiceNow for Cloud Services. Artem and John work closely together to deliver a unified customer experience via Sitecore’s Self-Service portal, which is powered by the ServiceNow platform.

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