How COVID-19 will change the way we organize IT in the future

By Hans Lindeman, Senior Advisor, Devoteam Denmark and Fabrice Neiman, Associate Partner, Devoteam France, May 4.

We recognize that one of the effects of the Corona crisis will be that more and more businesses will transition increasing amounts of their data, applications and business elements to cloud solutions as they look for cost efficiencies, greater flexibility and reliability. One relevant question associated with this shift, is how this will change the way we organize IT functions of businesses in the future. This is what Hans Lindeman and our french colleague Fabrice Neiman will discuss in this Devotalk. Fabrice is a senior specialist within IT operating models, and has led the transformation of IT functions within a number of large French and international organizations. During the presentation Fabrice and Hans will also present different cases, to inspire our listeners to action. 

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