A brief introduction to lean innovation

v. Maiken H. Braarud, Design Director, Studio Vues, afholdt tirsdag d. 21. april. 

When developing new services and products, we navigate in landscapes of great uncertainty: Who is the customer? Which problem are we solving for the customer? Will our solution solve the customer´s problem? How much is the customer willing to pay for the solution? In this landscape of uncertainty we tend to base our decisions on assumptions. This is a natural human inclination, but if we don’t test the validity of these assumptions early, we risk that our innovations will fail in the market, and that we end up having spent our time and budgets on something that nobody needs or wants to pay for. Lean innovation provides processes and tools to test important assumptions early, and systematically use the learning from the tests to gradually move from assuming to knowing.  Join in on this DevoTalk where we have invited an expert from the leading Service Design studio in Norway to present

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